Customer Testimonials
April 14, 2012

For almost 2 years we have been working with one of the largest painting contractors on the east coast, HISPANIC VENTURES, of 750 California Avenue; Absecon, NJ 08201.  

We have supplied them with our multiple layer paint removers for use on the Custom House in Philadelphia, PA. 

They have used our PAINT AWAY 1; PAINT AWAY 4; and our FLOOR STRIPPER to remove the old lead paints in the Custom House.  

They have helped me make new paint remover formulas, and improve several products to work better in the cold weather.

We do off sight stripping at our plant for Cirignano Contracting, also at 750 California Avenue, Absecon. 
We have supplied them with strippers for use in schools and other locations. It has been a pleasure and honor to work with this professional group of people. 


Mike and Helen
Schalick Mills True Value
Elmer, New Jersey 08318

We have sold Noopy's Strippers since the early 1980's and to this day still sell their product to home and commercial refinishers. This line of strippers has moved off our shelves better than any other brand that has crossed our counter.

Carol Schalick

PHONE:  856-358-7191
FAX:  856-358-6198

We are a retail lumber and building material dealer located in Elmer, New Jersey. We have for a number of years sold Noopy's products with great success such as graffiti away, paint varnish and stain remover and floor stripper. Customers once they use the products seem to come back time and time again because of the quality and ease of use of the product line. I recommend the products to all of our customers.


Dave Bostwick

Manzos Gym
510 S Delsea Dr, Clayton, NJ 08312
Phone: (856) 881-7008 

We at Manzo's Gym highly recommend Noopy's floor removal compound.

Our floor's came out wonderful and Noopy was really nice and quick with the service.

We would do it again with any floors in the future.


Bill Manzo
Owner Manzo's Gym

Michael Byrne Painting
729 Bethlehem Pike (rear)
Flourtown, Pennsylvania 19031
Phone: (215) 836-7320
Fax: (215) 836-7322

It has always been a problem for painting contractors to find cost effective and speedy methods to remove old paint. I have found a company that has solved this problem.

Over the last few years we have been using Noopy's strippers on various jobs and under various conditions. We removed coatings from several religious statues with a system that Noopy developed, which saved us time and money. It is the flexibility of his products that produce and outstanding result. Noopy and his staff worked closely with us to develop just what we needed to save time.

We are currently removing all the paint from an estate in the suburbs of Philadelphia that was built in 1764. There are many layers of coatings with different bases. The interaction of coatings over the years caused heavy checking in the paint which in turn needed a unique formulation of stripper.

The system we used was 'Paint Away 1' The stripper required a heavy coat then the area was tightly covered with plastic.  After the appropriate time the plastic was removed and the many layers of old paint were readily scraped away. Application of the follow up product 'Deck Cleaner' helped easily finish the removal and allowed for the completion of the paint job.

Noopy's consultation with the manufacture was key in developing this system.

We at Michael Byrne Painting pride ourselves in our service and professional results. That is why we only use Noopy's strippers and related products.


Michael Byrne, President
Michael Byrne Painting Inc.

From: Jeff Hoffman
Star Painting & Decorating LLC
20 Highland Place
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660

I am very pleased and highly recommend the Noopy's Paint Stripper products.

I've used their products on various projects that I've worked on such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Plaza Hotel.

The Noopy products worked far more superior than any other paint stripper I've used in the past. When I came across old coatings that were difficult to remove, Dan performed an onsite inspection and analysis of the existing coatings and adjusted the stripper formula to enhance it's performance, which saved us money on labor and time.

For anyone who performs paint and coating stripping these are the "Go to Guys". 


Jeff Hoffman
Owner of Star Painting & Decorating